Sustainability and fast fashion

You've probably heard the word "sustainability" thrown around a lot, but what does it mean?

Sustainability means different things to different people.

Sustainability is a complex and often misunderstood concept. While it's often used as shorthand for "green," sustainability can mean different things to different people. At its most basic level, sustainable fashion means using materials that are reusable or recyclable, not contributing to climate change, and minimising the impact of manufacturing processes on human health, animals and the natural environment.

But this definition isn't enough. Sustainable fashion also means being conscious about how we buy our clothes: what it costs workers who made them; whether they were produced in safe working conditions; if the materials used were organic or harmful chemicals; and whether all workers received fair wages. It's about recognising that buying clothes is more than just purchasing an item of clothing—it involves supporting a global network of suppliers, manufacturers and retailers committed to ethical practices in order to produce products that don't harm our planet or its people.

So what are we doing about it?

When creating our brand it was important to us to not become part of the 'problem' in the fast fashion industry. So from the get go we put things in place and build our business model around these values. 

We believe its very important not over producing stock so we have a print to order production that means we can print the design you want on a garment in the correct size that you require to minimise waste and to better used our resources. 

All of our products are sauced through responsible factories and we like to keep it local where we can so most suppliers are located in Australia. All delivery companies that we choose to use have a 100% carbon neutral delivery promise.

As you may notice our packaging is a little different to other brands we do no use swing tags or poly bags on our garments as well as being an extra cost they are in our opinion just a waste as you will be so exited to wear our products you will simply rip them off and throw them away. 

We definitely aren't perfect but these are just some of the ways we are trying to reduce our footprint on the planet, we are always looking for ways to improve.


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